Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ipod Touch Wireless Troubleshooting Mistakes

So far I received over 450 emails to help people troubleshooting Ipod Touch Wifi. And most common mistake was the WEP key mismatch. Itouch users instead of placing 26 character (128bit) long key they put windows-mac user password, email passwords, and passphrase.

Another most common mistake was connecting to some WiFi Router that isn't theirs. On many occasions I asked "Is the router you are connecting to, yours or your neighbours?"

Always check broadcast SSID (in router configuration page) before connecting to wifi via Itouch.

I totally understand that some or most people do not know much about WEP keys and I don't blame them! I blame Apple for putting so little information on how to use Ipod Touch or connect via WiFi.

Again if you need any help with your Ipod Touch , don't hassitate to email me

ilovetoargue at gmail dot com (by the way i do not love to argue)