Wednesday, November 30, 2011

iPod Touch 4 Features Some Tips and Tricks

The iPod touch has revolutionized the world of hand held devices. With its ability to play music, stream video, take phenomenal pictures and HD video, games, and enjoy face time, there isn’t much the iPod Touch 4 can’t do. Here are some tips on how to get the most from your iPod Touch and some tricks we can’t even believe Apple thought of.

Let’s break it down and explore some of the amazing features of the iPod touch, and see what’s new. Face time – what is it, and why do we need it? Face time is just that, video calling where you can see each others face. We might not actually need it, but it sure is cool.

Air Play is there for you to wirelessly stream the content on your iPod Touch 4 to your tv, via Apple TV. Here’s a tip: you can also stream your music through your tv, for that big theatre sound. And speaking of music, the iPod Touch 4 is the first iPod that gives you direct access to ITunes, meaning you can download music and other content directly to your iPod wirelessly.

iOS steals the show. It’s the operating system that runs your iPod Touch 4 and lets you see and do everything on your screen with the touch of your finger. IOS 5 has loads of new features, 200 of them as a matter of fact. One fantastic new feature on the iPod Touch 4, with iOS 5, is the ease of access to your notification center. Easily pull down the center at any time no matter what you’re doing and see who’s called, mailed, or left you a message. There is a new reminders app as well, so you never forget those important items, and it has a locations feature as well that can remind you to do something based on where you are. Twitter is now built right in for all your tweeting needs. One of the neatest features is the split keyboard. With the touch of a finger, split your keyboard in two, to make it easier to type and text.

The iPod Touch 4 has loads of new features, more for you to love! It now comes in white as well as black, has a lower price point, and with the introduction of IOS 5, gives you more bang for your buck. There has never been a better time to buy the iPod Touch 4, and with the 8GB model starting at just $199, the news is all good.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3G for iPod Touch Review

Technology moved on and time came when iPod Touch can not only be music listening device and connect to “Wifi” but also have 3G! Introducing to you 3G for iPod Touch by Virgin Mobile!


At fist I was bit skeptical about whole 3G for iPod Touch and on top of that, why would I need 3G for iPod Touch when I have smartphone or iPad for that?

Nice thing about the 3G for iPod Touch is not only connection but also something you can take on the road and have wifi turned on all the time. While many carriers charge $30+ for data plan with Virgin Mobile I got it for $20 and what I like most about it? NO FREAKING CONTRACT! :)

Anyway, if you are in USA and want 3G for your iPod Touch you can either go to Virgin Mobile



What do you think about the 3G for iPod Touch? Do you see your self using it?

Friday, April 15, 2011

iPod Touch 4 Fans I got Cool App For Ya

Recently I started more and more connecting with iPhone iPad and iPod Touch developers and it kind of paid it self off because those developers do provide me with free redeem codes which means I get to try out apps that cost 99c and up for free. So today I wanted to share some of those codes with you.

Originally I wrote that article on one of the best Technology News blogs but here I go again.
PushMail app is cool, am not saying that because I got redeem codes, but because I use it constantly on my iPad 2 (Wifi) and on my iPod Touch 4 , and reason I use it on those devices is because I am not on Mac all the time.

What is PushMail?
Pushmail basically is a forwarding email service that notifies you of your emails INSTANTLY and when I say Instantly I mean blazing fast! I tested it on numerous occasions and I got email notification within 1 second upon arrival in my mailbox. Basically you forward your email to this address they give you, and once email arrives into that inbox you get notified instantly. Best part about it is that you can setup multiple email addresses and color them. Yes you are able to view and respond to that email right from the screen.

For more details how you can win this app for free, please visit MWD now where I originally wrote about this app , and let me know what you think. I think I have 7 codes left, which means 7 lucky winners!

Monday, March 14, 2011

iPod Touch Wi-Fi Grayed Out or No Wi-Fi

Just came along few same questions in my email regarding iPod touch Wi-Fi Grayed out bar or No Wi-Fi (Wireless) at all. Well I do feel your pain, because it happened to mine not too long ago. After 5 minutes of research I found this to be helpful, at least in my situation was

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Click on Safari
  3. Go bit down and click Clear Cache, Clear Cookies, Clear History
  4. Hold the Top (sleep/awake) button until you get red bar to swipe it
  5. Swipe the red bar to the left (iPod Touch should now turn off)
  6. Then Hold the Top (Sleep/Awake) button until you see Apple logo
  7. Wait until front screen displays
  8. See if that fixed it.

In most cases, this will do the trick. Another suggestion for you I have is to, reset the iPod Touch you can do it many ways, one way is to do it from the Settings and another one is via iTunes.

Hope this helps, do let me know in commenting section below.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to get (Wi-Fi) Internet on iPod Touch Everywhere

Well I know some of you are mad because iPod Touch does not have 3G network. You can actually get internet on iPod Touch everywhere you go with small gizmo called MiFi. MiFi can be obtained at Verizon or Virgin Mobile, I would prefer Virgin Mobile because they are A LOT cheaper.

How do you get internet on iPod Touch?
Sign up with Virgin Mobile, wait until you get MiFi and all you really have to do is turn it on and viola you are on internet everywhere you go!

Plans are not that expensive:
$10  gets you 100MB and it's valid for 10 days
$40 is unlimited data for 1 month!

MiFi is basically a 3G network that gets converted to Wi-Fi. What I like about MiFi is that you can hook up 5 devices to it and its pretty fast too.