Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to get (Wi-Fi) Internet on iPod Touch Everywhere

Well I know some of you are mad because iPod Touch does not have 3G network. You can actually get internet on iPod Touch everywhere you go with small gizmo called MiFi. MiFi can be obtained at Verizon or Virgin Mobile, I would prefer Virgin Mobile because they are A LOT cheaper.

How do you get internet on iPod Touch?
Sign up with Virgin Mobile, wait until you get MiFi and all you really have to do is turn it on and viola you are on internet everywhere you go!

Plans are not that expensive:
$10  gets you 100MB and it's valid for 10 days
$40 is unlimited data for 1 month!

MiFi is basically a 3G network that gets converted to Wi-Fi. What I like about MiFi is that you can hook up 5 devices to it and its pretty fast too.