Friday, May 30, 2008

Fring Ipod Touch Chat

You asked for Ipod Touch Chat now you got it! With Fring you can chat all day long on Ipod Touch. Some people said there was a problem chating with Ipod Touch but according to Fring blog they fix it.

Go to Fring Blog to find out how it works on Ipod Touch.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Moblyng for Ipod Touch

Interesting post today by Techcrunch about Moblyng. "site dedicated to bringing the embedded flash widgets on social networks to mobile devices" and Ipod Touch that measn as well.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ipod Super Touch Rumor

Un WTF sindicalizado en mi iPodImage by theLazyElf via FlickrFew sources like MacRumors forum started rumors that there is going to be new release of Ipod Touch called Ipod Super Touch.

Rumors are still rumors, so don't expect anything, I think Apple is going to release some kind of Apple product that will be oversize Ipod Touch with cd rom, usb, net card, wireless etc.

I bought something similar from HP, its tablet that has touch screen and to be honest I LOVE IT. (See here)

Read here more about Ipod Super Touch
Via Technology News World

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ipod Touch Vista Theme

I have seen many JailBreaks yet this one is really interested. IPhone with an Vista Theme. I bet many of Ipod Touch users are awaiting for that. So let's wait till next version comes out. If Iphone has Vista theme available, Ipod Touch will have one too.

Few pictures I found on other blogs and forums:

Thanks for Images to:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ipod Touch New Gaming Console at WWDC 2008

We thought Ipod Touch is very cool when it first came out, you can listen to music , its touch based and you can do a lot of other things. What about if your Ipod Touch would be Gaming Console ?

Check this picture I found at Reg Hardware

I would so love to have Ipod Touch for playing mini games without jailbreaking it.

Could WWDC 2008 see launch of dedicated Apple handheld gaming console?

Wikipedia for Ipod Touch

I know most of you visited Wikipedia from your computer to do some research or to find specific information. Now you can do that with Ipod Touch too! Search the wikipedia!


New Google Reader For Ipod Touch

Google Reader Blog announced yesterday about new way of subscribing to RSS Feeds with your Ipod Touch or if you have Iphone.

Type or click on this url on your

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Free Ipod Touch Video Converter

On Ipod Touch Forum yesterday guy under username wnd.start posted link about Free Ipod Touch Video Converter.

I downloaded my self to test and here is my quick review.

Software is Free and easy to use and there is no "but" the only thing I hated is the time spent to convert 30mb video file. I use WinAvi at all the time it's fast and does multiple things for you.

Try this software if you need to convert your home videos or movies

Mp4Kits is the link he provided but software is called Videora which is one of the most popular video editing converting software for ipods!

By if you are going to that link already also don't forget to check out other software under the Download button!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ipod Touch Msn Yahoo Aim Messenger

Last night I was having issues with my linux box connecting to my msn yahoo and aim messenger. I open Safari with my Ipod Touch and login to and there are all my messengers!

That was my backup plan of communicating with all my friends.

Other thing I did is I open another tab and went to awesome site for Iphone or Ipod Touch to write 140 characters message to all people that follow you.

Both websites above are ipod touch enabled!

What kind of sites do you visit via Ipod Touch? Are they Iphone/Ipod Touch enabled?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ipod Touch Hacks and JailBreak 1.1.4

I haven't really write anything about hacking Ipod Touch. Yet there is so much stuff now that you can get if you JailBreak your Ipod Touch.

Here is how you can JailBreak 1.1.4 your Ipod Touch

1. Restore your Ipod Touch (This will erase EVERYTHING on Ipod Touch)

2. Download ZiPhone (Software that will allow you to JailBreak Ipod Touch)
  • In case you can't install it you need .Net
3. While your Ipod Touch is still plugged in Run ZiPhone!
  • Click JailBreak!
4. Lets Start!
  • See Install Tab? Click all Packages and also install BSD SubSystem!
  • Now on Source Tab add this url to see other applications
  • Install Tab Should Show Iphone 1.1.4 Apps (install that)
  • Add this Source Too
  • Then on install click all packages and install Boss Tool as well.
Now that things are installed Ipod Touch should refresh when you click HOME button.

You can uninstall BossTool by clicking on it then click Uninstall Tab.

I am no expert in Jailbreak but this list of info is just a summary which I think will help you get started. And don't blame me if you did something else then above. You are doing JailBreak on your own responsibility.

Thanks for reading another Ipod Touch Trick :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ipod Touch Case by OtterBox Review

Few months ago I had awesome Ipod Touch case by Otterbox and we had March Contest. Well today I just want to give you review of what the winner of Ipod Touch Case by Otterbox thought about it.

Me and my iPod Touch are inseparable, but what are you going to do when you’re on a boat. Do you take the risk – seeing your iPod falling in the water – or do you leave your iPod and your music at home. I live in the Netherlands – I don’t know if any of you Americans know where the Netherlands are – but it’s a small country next to the sea, a couple of feet under sea level. The huge load of water (the sea, lakes, rivers) make it possible for you to do whatever water based sport you want. For example me, I sail in my pastime. And that’s the reason I wanted a Otterbox for my iPod Touch.

On the box they say it’s waterproof to 3 feet deep. That’s not enough if you want do dive with your iPod (who want to dive with his iPod anyway?), but it’s perfectly suitable for when your iPod accidentally falls in the water. It will keep floating for a while so you’ve got some time to take it back. Ideal for people who are on a boat.

Another great point about this box, is the fact that it prevents your iPod from scratches on the back and front. The backside of your iPod will be kept clean by the plastic Otterbox (a couple of millimeter thick). The front of your iPod, including the touch screen, got protected by a transparent (much thinner) piece of plastic – so you can touch your iPod Touch whenever you want, without opening the whole box. This huge protection, will prevent your iPod from water damage (see above), but also from dirt and other ‘dangerous’ stuff like keys or sand from a beach.

This Otterbox is great for people who do outdoor things now and again. Things like being on a (sail)boat, being in the forest, being on the beach, etcetera. Things where your iPod can get damaged or dirty.

There’s just one - big - negative point. And that’s how the Otterbox look like. He doesn’t win a beauty contest. The box is huge and too thick on many places. If you want something like a Otterbox in your pockets, you’ve got to have very large pockets. It’s very regrettable for the beautiful designed iPod Touch, if you put it in a (very) less beautiful box like this.

But that’s the consequence if you want a safe box. You have to return some beauty and you get some safety for it. What do you want? A beautiful iPod that will last for (I don’t know) one year? Or a ‘ugly’ iPod that will last much longer? A hard question, but there is a solution. Use your Otterbox only when your iPod will have hard times. Use it when you are on the beach for example. You can listen you your favorite music without wondering when your iPod will damaged by the sand. If you’re at school or at work – much safer, you can use your iPod without the case.

But that doesn’t take away the fact this box is a very useful box. I use this box every time I am my boat. I’ll recommend this box for sure.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Google News App for Iphone and Ipod Touch

Google makes all of us happy with different web applications they offer. Interesting post today I found on Mashable (Google News Now Looks Beautiful On Your iPhone) yet this article is about iphone but it remember it's for Ipod Touch too.

If you haven't checked Google News lately you might want to do so now at work at school or even at home.

(Credit to: Mashable)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Web App for Ipod Touch

Here are few new Web Applications I found on Internet for Ipod Touch. If you happen to know any other wep applications for Ipod Touch let me know.

To view Ipod Touch Web Apps just click on the image