Saturday, May 10, 2008

Free Ipod Touch Video Converter

On Ipod Touch Forum yesterday guy under username wnd.start posted link about Free Ipod Touch Video Converter.

I downloaded my self to test and here is my quick review.

Software is Free and easy to use and there is no "but" the only thing I hated is the time spent to convert 30mb video file. I use WinAvi at all the time it's fast and does multiple things for you.

Try this software if you need to convert your home videos or movies

Mp4Kits is the link he provided but software is called Videora which is one of the most popular video editing converting software for ipods!

By if you are going to that link already also don't forget to check out other software under the Download button!


Anonymous said...

Videora is slow, but good as hell :-)

James said...

Nidesoft iPod Video Converter also can do this. It's not only for ipod but also iphone.

dvd to ipod said...

I have been looking for this kind of offer. A free iPod video converter. I am so glad that I found this blog post. I want to thank you for sharing this amazing post.