Friday, April 15, 2011

iPod Touch 4 Fans I got Cool App For Ya

Recently I started more and more connecting with iPhone iPad and iPod Touch developers and it kind of paid it self off because those developers do provide me with free redeem codes which means I get to try out apps that cost 99c and up for free. So today I wanted to share some of those codes with you.

Originally I wrote that article on one of the best Technology News blogs but here I go again.
PushMail app is cool, am not saying that because I got redeem codes, but because I use it constantly on my iPad 2 (Wifi) and on my iPod Touch 4 , and reason I use it on those devices is because I am not on Mac all the time.

What is PushMail?
Pushmail basically is a forwarding email service that notifies you of your emails INSTANTLY and when I say Instantly I mean blazing fast! I tested it on numerous occasions and I got email notification within 1 second upon arrival in my mailbox. Basically you forward your email to this address they give you, and once email arrives into that inbox you get notified instantly. Best part about it is that you can setup multiple email addresses and color them. Yes you are able to view and respond to that email right from the screen.

For more details how you can win this app for free, please visit MWD now where I originally wrote about this app , and let me know what you think. I think I have 7 codes left, which means 7 lucky winners!