Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ipod Touch 2.0.1 Firmware Upgrade Released

I was just checking out Apple Insider and it is confirmed that Ipod Touch 2.0.1 firmware has been released. I wish you happy downloading and upgrading. Please report back for any issues. And don't forget to visit post about Ipod Touch 2.0 free upgrade

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Anonymous said...

There are problems cropping up with the Touch 2.0.1 firmware. My connection drops constantly, even in the same room as the access point. Apple support is aware of the problem. I was told to reset the Touch and the network and re-enter the network info for my AP. The problem is not connecting for me - I can connect - it's speed and stalling. Speed test app from the iTunes store, and other mobile speedtests, confirm dog slow speed. I'm talking 200Kbs or less, while upload speeds are good. Large files are the big problem; YouTube videos are impossible as are large pages. The connection will spin and spin and you go nowhere. No errors at all. The phone tech was aware of it but said that without error messages or no connection, there is nothing they can do. Not good. Not good at all. Hope for a firmware upgrade soon. My Touch is worthless for Inet, and I just bought it two weeks ago! worked so-so before the firmware update (I went from 1.1.4 to 2.0.1), since the update? Terrible. Simply terrible wifi performance.