Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ipod Touch Firmware 2.2.1 Download Is Ready For You

Just wanted to share download links for Ipod Touch and iPhone firmware 2.2.1 so you can upgrade if you haven't done that already via iTunes.

If you have any questions please contact me via Twitter @Livecrunch

iPhone 2G

Download Firmware 2.2.1 - iPhone1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw

iPhone 3g

Download Firmware 2.2.1 - iPhone1,2_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw

iPod Touch 1G

Download Firmware 2.2.1 - iPod1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw

iPod Touch 2g

Download Firmware 2.2.1 - iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore.ipsw


MarcoMan42 said...

It says that the update will fix the save image problem, but it doesn't.

Abi Tarroza said...

There's nothing at the link for the 1G iPod Touch. :|

Tannaz said...

I have a 16 GB ipod touch ( version 1.1.5 4B1) how can I update my firmware to 2.2.1 ?

Anonymous said...

broken link, iPod Touch G1

error report:
An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #50.6c7ffea5.1239952076.996bd3a

Thanks anyway mate -_-

Anonymous said...

I am downloading the touch 2.2.1 firware. When I go to open it my computer will not recognize an ipsw file so I can restore the firware. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Anonymous said...

hey the link for the 1G iPod touch is not working...can u put it again pleaseee???