Saturday, March 14, 2009

iPod Touch Firmware OS 3.0 or iPod Touch Gen 3 with Camera

March 17th is the day when we will find out more about iPhone OS 3.0 but also Firmware 3.0 for iPod Touch. There is Rumor for iPod Touch Gen 3 Camera but as I said it's just a rumor.

What people expect to see on iPod Touch 3.0:
  • Copy and Paste (I say there is no chance for that yet)
  • Camera for iPod Touch Gen 3 (I can see that happen!)
  • Better Battery Life (Yes that will happen as some sources reported)
  • Boot Speed (Defiantly something Apple should improve)
So what's your though iPod Touch Gen 3 or iPod Touch 3.0 Firmware will have?


glpunk said...

I want Adobe Flash Player =( ...

And the possibility to run background applications.

Nemesis said...

just cool new trick i discovered while using my 1st gen ipod touch the other day. i have the 2.2 firmware on it. while moving from one page to another on the home screen if you tap on any of the icons on the dock, the page stops right there. let me make it a lil more clear what i am trying to say. when you swipe your finger to shift from one page to another on the homescreen, while dragging the page and with your finger(#1) still touching the screen, with your other finger(#2) if you tap once on any of the icons on the dock and then let go of your first finger(#1), you can stop the page halfway between the screens. hope you got that :)
if tapping the icons on the dock doesn't work, try swiping your finger(#2) across them.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know this was a release for iPod Touch as there is no 3rd gen for the ipod ;-)

What resource are you getting this from?

Best Regards,
Steven from Apple

Deadfire55 said...

lol copy and paste really did come... so much for those predictions.

Ben Love said...

There is a copy and paste function i know this as i am a beta tester

Anonymous said...

the new 3.0 update has copy and paste because my mates dad has a ipod touch and is staff there and he got the new software (some how) and it also says it has bluetooth i dont know how because its a ipod but i dont think it works and you can also slide left on the home screen and search for games and music

Anonymous said...

haha this douche bag says he works for apple...what a bull shitter!! what are you steve jobs!haha
yes there is copy and paste btw..
and unfortunately apple will never make an ipod touch with a camera. they make the phone and ipod as far from eachother as they can..

iWannaNewiPodNow!!!! said...


that sounds soo cool

wonder if it will be out by september 2010?

ipod said...

copy and paste is very imp, i got it. thanx