Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quick iPod Touch WiFi Troubleshooting Tip

I found out that in most cases wifi is not working on iPod Touch due to DNS problems. To troubleshoot Wifi , go to Settings> Wifi> Go Into Network settings (Your Router) and click on static

Add DNS from OpenDNS.com

I receive at least 5 emails from people getting wifi to work and in most cases changing DNS setting works.


Anonymous said...

I cannot get the dns numbers to stay in the dns box. I enter the numbers then go back to my wifi choices, use the blue arrow to see if the dns settings held and the box is empty and the top blue bar is back to DHCP and not static. If this works, how do I get the info (static and the new dns numbers) to stay?

Anonymous said...

Hi - I can't even find a network. It did work but after updating to OS3.1 it can no longer find any network. I've reset, restored, reset, restored! and still can't see any wi-fi networks. Thinking now this must be a hardware problem. Thoughts appreciated.