Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iPod Touch 4.0 Coming Soon?

It is amazing that just suddenly iPhone 4.0 was leaked by Gizmodo. What about iPod Touch 4.0 when is the release date? Is it Coming Soon?

Well here is my thought but I would like to have your input too.

When Gen 1 iPhone was released iPod Touch 1.0 was released at the same time and that was, what ? 3 Years ago. Since then each Apple product pretty much had it's own event. iPhone got updated iPod touch just got new firmware and bit more storage, right?

Well iPhone 4.0 as you could see recently, looks totally different, and release date is estimated somewhere end of June. Most likely due to new design iPod Touch will not be featured at the same event but will be released in October if not even November 19th. Apple loves to release devices on Fridays and Saturdays and iPod's especially before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So dear iPod Touch fans, what do you think new iPod will look like? When will it be released? Same time as iPhone or not?

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