Wednesday, May 19, 2010

iPod Touch With Camera Pictures Leaked

Well well well! iPod Touch with Camera was leaked yesterday in Vietnam. Looks like this iPod Touch has 2.0 MP Camera but it is not a production model. Meaning that there could be some drastic changes, for example Camera MP? Who builds 2.0MP camera now days? Also aluminum look on iPod Touch started to be a bit, boring. We are not sure if this iPod Touch is fake but according to many sources, the serial number that was attached it could be very well be 2009 third generation iPod Touch.

Checkout these pictures and me know what you think about it in comments:



Anyway, real or not real model, release date of iPod Touch 4.0 is expected to be in June for WWDC Apple Event.

For more pictures visit Tinhte who released all the info and pictures.

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Nadush said...

More money to be milked from us because we always "want it before it's released so we are willing to pay anything and do anything to get our hands on it because my mate asn't got one yet"