Monday, June 21, 2010

iPod Touch iOS4 Firmware Release Time

Hey guys just wanted to let you know today is iOS4 release date and time to upgrade your iPod Touch to latest firmware!

Unfortunately iOS4 will not be available for Generation 1 iPod Touch.

Many sources are reporting that iOS4 release time is going to be around noon today central standard time. (12pm CST or 1pm EST)

To make sure you get the latest firmware iOS4 make sure you have downloaded the latest iTunes version, plug your iPod Touch in, and hit the update/upgrade button on the right bottom screen in iTunes.


Wish you all happy iOS4 time!

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Mark said...

It all went badly wrong for me !

The process crashed at the final restore.

My guess is that the problem was that I had compressed my music to 128kb/s AAC to fit in 8GB and the restore was attempting to put the original iPod music collection (using 256kb/s MP3) back and it didn't fit.

There was no obvious help on the Apple website.

Restoring the music (all personal rips so no DRM) went fine but none of the added apps would work they all started then didn't run.

After much mucking about with autorisation of the PC etc the thing that fixed it was a full reset on the iPod touch.

Hope this helps someone.