Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Exclusive News: Ipod Touch Firmware 2.0

Moments ago I found out there is "development guy" on net that has Ipod Touch /Iphone Firmware 2.0 ! Somehow this firmware 2.0 leaked out of Apple Development Team which is performing beta testing.

I have also being told this firmware 2.0 will not be available via iTunes or Apple Store , only way to get it is to download it manually.

Apple might change that, because not many ipod touch and iphone users are very tech savy to install firmware "manually"

ADT (Apple Development Team) is probably using software like Pwnage in order to test firmware 2.0..

As it looks like we are looking for new firmware very soon!

Update 04/02/2008:

Here is video that I was just uploaded to youtube!

Update 07/10/2008: Ipod Touch 2.0 firmware will be avaliable via App Store probably tomorrow when? I don't know yet, I have to consult with my Apple guy that worked on Ipod Touch software. I can't believe I haven't ask him about that this morning!. Please subscribe to RSS feeds and also check my latest blog posts since this one is pretty old!

This is due June!

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