Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ipod Touch Wifi Troubleshooting via Email

Since January of this year I have received 294 emails regarding Wifi problems that multiple ipod touch users had. From 294 emails I managed to fix 233 ipod touch devices and 19 was faulty and needed to be returned.

Other 42 Ipod Touch either did not get any responses back after I sent them an email or just couldn't get it to work.

Most problems occurred:
  • Wrong password Input (Admin password vs. Wep Key)
  • 64Bit Encrytion vs 128Bit encryption
  • Did not Release/Renew to obtain new IP
  • Did not restart modem/router to acknowledge Ipod Touch
Some other problems:
  • Email did not work
  • Sync with iTunes
  • Safari constantly crashing
  • Jailbreak was not installed correctly


Anonymous said...

Can you fix mine? My wi-fi keeps searching for a network and not finding one even when it had just picked up that network from the same place before. I already returned one and now I am getting irritated because this one is doing it as well...

Domenico said...

My iPod Touch stoped being able to connect to any WiFi. It has the latest 2.2 firmware and used to be able to see and connect to wifi with no problem. But now even when I'm standing 2 feet away from my own home router, or any other access point, all it says is "No Wi-Fi". Do you know how I could fix this so I can receive internet on my iPod again?

stephen said...

I just bought an ipod touch and could not connect to my home wifi network correctly when the WEP is on. I entered key 20 times...no luck. When I turn off the WEP, the touch connects no problem.

I tried turning off the modem/router, nothing. My MAC filtering is off. Still no connection.

There are 3 computers, an Iomega network drive and a squeezebox on my network...all work fine with the WEP but not the touch.

Can you suggest something I have overlooked. PLEASE?

Anonymous said...

oh my god same here my ipod touch is not seeing any access points ive tried all sorts of other access points but nothing i even put my ipod touch on top of my router and still nothing
i called apple and told me to send it in and now im waiting for a response...
it better be a replacemnt!

ronan said...

my i pod touch is connected to my wireless at home,correct wifi,correct password,i have the connected signal at the top left hand side of the screen beside ipod.,when searching for,mail/you tube i get the searching symbol for only two seconds then it goes away,i cant see updated mail,and in you tube it says this movie could not be played.

Anonymous said...

i just got my ipod touch and i cant figure out how to connect it through wifi,first it asked me about a password and now its asking me a bunch more stuff i dont even know about.so please HELP ME!!?

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem as ↑Ronan↑ it always stays for two seconds & then it goes away. Why does this happen?