Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Ipod Touch 2.0 Apps

Here is trick how to do snapshot of your Ipod Touch 2.0 . First don't forget to upgrade your Ipod Touch 2.0 here then lets start with ipod touch trick of the week.

Its really easy! Hold the Home Button and then click on the top button (sleep button) then you will notice flash , to share your pictures with others connect your ipod touch to the pc/mac and look for removable devices under My Computer (on pc) or additional drives on Mac.

Here are my apps I downloaded the other day:

I got 4 pages full of apps ! going 5


Anonymous said...

heyheyhey, you should have given me some credit for the screenshot! >:(

ipod touch tricks said...

Or maybe I should give credit to ? since i found out about it there?


Kalpit said...


I am downloading the 2.0 upgrade at the moment. Do I need to have iTunes 7.7 and be an iTunes store member beforehand?

Also, did you pay to download these apps?


ProBlogger said...

Kalpit, yes u need 7.7 and no i did not pay for the apps there is over 140 of them for free

pinkfairy said... know what, my laptop crashes when i plug my itouch with a saved photo like this?can you enlighten me about that?also, i don't see my ipod touch in my computer. any idea?