Monday, January 4, 2010

20% of Failed iPod Touch Wi-Fi Connection is Because of MAC Address

In one of my post’s I wrote that I will help with Wi-Fi and since 2008 I had over 2500 emails received. 20% of those emails were iPod Touch Wi-Fi failed Connection due to MAC Address. So just to be clear: MAC is not PC it’s Media Access Control which is basically unique (ID) identifier of your device.

PC’s have it, Smart Phone have it, iPod Touch has it too…etc…

WEP Key can be easily hacked for those that want to hack your Wi-Fi network, so router companies added nice feature called MAC Filtering.

When you Enable or turn on MAC Filtering and add only your MAC Address of iPod Touch or PC or Mac …your router basically will only allow THAT device to connect. So when hacker let’s say crack your WEP (Wireless Encryption Key) they still can’t connect because MAC Address of his PC is not allowed to connect.

Which brings me to the point of 20% of iPod Touch Wi-Fi connections failed due to MAC Filtering being enabled yet MAC Address of iPod Touch has not been added.

To obtain MAC address of your iPod Touch go to Settings > General > About (I think), sorry don’t have iPod Touch with me so I am just writing this from feeling where the MAC address is located on iPod Touch.

(I will update this with correct info)


Craig said...

Thanks for this. followed that path on my touch and i see Wi-Fi Address, Is that it?

What do we do with this info then.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Found the MAC address and am in business thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

Most of the latest problems are because of Netgear - they will only accept mac addresses that begin 00 (part of the jarva script "if 00 continue if not reject and put up notice 'this is an invalid mac adddress') and a lot of the newer Ipod touches start 04 or 0d. There is a way round this (edit your config script after putting it in as 00) but really about time Netgear sorted this out themselves.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's better to have a WPA key since it's more secure than WEP.

Matthew said...

Thank You!