Wednesday, September 1, 2010

iPod Touch 4th Generations Info, Pictures and Release Date

Sweet! iPod Touch 4th Generation is now out. Release date in stores is going to be next week but you can pre-order it right now on apple website.

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Here is what you need to know about new iPod Touch 4:

iPod Touch will have front and back facing camera. With back camera you will be able to do 720p HD recording with up to 30fps and also take 920x720 pictures. You will also be able to take photos and videos with front facing camera but in VGA mode and 30fps (Frames Per Second).

Display is 3.5 inches diagonally long and sure enough it’s touch-screen with 960x640 pixel resolution AND Retina screen just like iPhone.

Again iPod Touch 4th Generation will look like iPhone 4 without GPS,3G and calling capability capability .

These are the prices:

8GB $229

32GB $299

64GB $399

You will be able to use FaceTime which can be considered as “calling” but works only on Wi-Fi.

When can you buy iPod Touch 4?

Next week! and you can pre-order it NOW!

More info you can get via Apple iPod Touch page.


Anonymous said...

I disappointed that new Touch doesn't come in 128GB. Do you think it ever will?

Mr Lonely said...

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Zeena Eri said...

Wow!! Looks Sooo cool! I want one badly now, (I'm really lovin' that camera) but as if I had the money. :[

iphone games said...

ipod touch was great feature for the ipods. This was great technology designed by apple.
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John C said...

Unfortunately I picked up my A1318 32G, smack dab in the middle of the only year it was offered.

Do you know if people sending in their 3rd Gen iPods on extended warranties will be replaced with this?