Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How To Use FaceTime on iPod Touch 4G (4th Generation)

Now that iPod Touch 4G is out many still have issues with FaceTime. Well I wanted to write how to use Facetime on iPod Touch 4G for those that still have troubles.

Make sure you have Wi-Fi connection. If you don't have apple account you probably want to register it first, but most of you already have that so I won't go to deep into explaining how to register apple account.

Open up your Facetime (Green looking button)

Once you have Facetime up it will ask you for your apple ID which I mentioned before that you will need one. So go through that step.
Now I hope you have lots of friends with either iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G because you will need at least one to start FaceTime.
In contacts find your friend and hit FaceTime button. Make sure that your friend has Facetime setup already otherwise you will not be able to connect with them.

Hope that small tutorial worked out for you, its pretty simple to be honest. If you have any other issues, please do let me know below in comments. I love to help people.



rimbaud said...

Can the camera be used for Skype video calls? (I'm already able to receive video calls on Fring).

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Anonymous said...

ok so i bought a new ipod and i was facetiming and after 10 mins it said "face time failed" it doesnt stop doing that! wht do i do????

Anonymous said...

i cant connect to mexico ... it says is connecting but it doesnt star what can i do??