Tuesday, November 6, 2007

DailyMotion Videos Work On Ipod Touch 1.1.2 Version

Interesting comment by Alex and maybe new ipod touch trick with new firmware 1.1.2

"From what I have found the firmware version is 1.1.2 not 1.1.2 and only for the iphone so far.
I have not heard this mentioned anywhere yet, all of the videos on dailymotion.com work on the ipod touch. just wait for the little "play icon to show up.""

Can somebody try that today and see if it works?

go to www.dailymotion.com view some video wait a little bit and videos should work.

Please leave a comment for the rest of us.

So that means not only youtube videos but dailymotion, google, megavideo and other video sites will work as well.

UPDATE: Two commentators reported back, it works with version 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 !!!!! Please check the comments for more info from visitors and touch owners "Thank you Roh!"


roh said...

ymotion dous work on my ipod touch, cool!
just open www.dailymotion.com on the touch, and tap a video. a large screenshot of the video will apear, tap that and the video will play! super, thanks for this tip!


roh said...
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roh said...

what i have to add is taht you have to tap on the play button in the lower right of the large screenshot.
BTW; i still have version 1.1.1., so Dailymotion works with that version also! Don't you just love the Touch!?

roh said...

other video sites i've tried didn't work like Dailymotion, on version 1.1.1.

Sites i've tried; Megavideo, iFilm, AOL video and Crackle.

ipod touch tricks said...

@Roh: Thank you very much for all the tests you done. I just got home and tested my self it works great. By the way if you now really want to explore the life of movies. go to www.movieforumz.com and search for "dailymotion or something like that" you will find plenty of movies for your ipod touch

Alex said...

This "trick" has always worked not just with firmware updates? any mp4 format video will work.

Alex said...

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bterrier said...

After reading this I tried Tinytube and it worked!