Saturday, November 10, 2007

Remote Control Your PC and Mac With Ipod Touch

Remote control your pc or mac with Ipod Touch has been released. I have searched google code the other day and found this interesting tool. I had a chance to test it and it works great. No you can't hit control alt delete but you can do pretty much anything else.

So here is the url's I found out:
Original Source


Den said...

Hi I am quite new to this , would appreciate if you give a more detailed explanation on how to get it to work

I downloaded the .pxl file and have no idea on what to do with it :) sorry for the trouble

Looks like a damn good application.!

Den said...

Hi i am quite new to this. would appreciate it if you could give a more detailed explanation on how to set up.

I downloaded the .pxl file but have no idea what to do with it ! :) sorry for the trouble

Looks like a damn good application for the ipod touch!! :)

Hersh said...

what do i do from the .pxl file? i also downloaded the Chicken of the VNC thing from the linked site but that has just some more unusable files.

JohnRoss1968 said...

"Remote Control Your PC and Mac With Ipod Touch"
WOW thats really NEAT....By the way I went into all 3 links and read up on this. Im just wondering WHERE IS THE STUFF SHOWING HOW THIS WORKS FOR PC's.
All the Links you put up are for OSX. OK Got the Mac part covered NOW Where Did You SEE ANYTHING for PCs in those links.

Can You put up something showing us :HOW TO RUN YOUR CAR ON GAS OR AIR" then you can just leave out the AIR part.

Anonymous said...

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James said...

JohnRoss, I don't think anyone appreciates your attitude, and if it were I who posted this, you would never receive an answer seeing as you are an extreme douche bag. Your sense of humor is also flawless.... for a prick. Get a mac you tool, and eat a dick while your at it.


Anonymous said...

James, you turned out to be more of a dick eating douche bag more than the other guy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

for remote control your ps try use It is called Screenshots Remote.
Screenshots Remote
for iPhone, iPod can do screenhot capture and video.

Anonymous said...

So thisis only for Mac? :(