Friday, November 30, 2007

Ipod Touch Coole Theme Wallpapers(Some Not Work Rlated Stuff)

Get these free ipod touch and iphone wallpapers I really like them, some of the pictures are adult(half naked) so if you are at work don't click on the link I give you :) - As I mentioned above it is NOT work related so don't blame me if your boss, wife or even your dad is all over you. Pictures are half nude but the rest of the pictures/wallpapers are just awesome.

I will provide more links to online applications for ipod touch or iphone over the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

At that site, how do you download it to your Touch? Do you have to go to the site from your Touch?

Thanks for doing the research on this stuff. I'm tech-tarded.

Ipod Touch Tricks said...

@Big Head:
No You got to go with your pc, then get that image to your pc, and transfer it to your iphone/ipod touch. Just like your personal photos

Anonymous said...

I've had my ipod touch for 2 days and I am trying to set a wallpaper. I click on the pic and set it as wallpaper and nothing shows up but the black screen with my icons. What am I doing wrong? I would love to have a cool wallpaper!

Anonymous said...

for amonymous the wallpaper is for when the screen comes up on your touch that says slide to unlock, thats what the wallpaper goes on you cant put a wallpaper with the icons

Anonymous said...

I can't find the link what is the website