Monday, November 5, 2007

Ipod Touch Firmware Update 1.1.2

Don't forget there is a new update for ipod touch. Firmware 1.1.2 can be downloaded today November 5 2007 and it's valid only over Apple.

How to update ipod touch?

Simply connect your ipod touch to pc, open your itunes in the left navigation menu find ipod touch and then click on update.


Alex said...

From what I have found the firmware version is 1.1.2 not 2.1.1 and only for the iphone so far.

I have not heard this mentioned anywhere yet, all of the videos on work on the ipod touch. just wait for the little "play icon to show up.

dj-stev said...

wat dos this new Firmware do? i hav a hacked ipod touch and and a iphone running on the o2 network in ireland so no doubt this new Firmware breaks all my ipod touchs 3rd party apps and locks my iphone agin!! apple will have to make some extreem chages if they want to make me update

ipod touch tricks said...

You will have to find another hack to do 2.1.1 I have not heard yet that there is a hack for 2.1.1

My suggestion is that you wait and dont do the update yet.