Thursday, October 4, 2007

Free Ipod Touch Wallpaper Music and Videos - Mobango

I know many of you are looking right now how to get free stuff for your Ipod Touch and it is not that easy isn't it.
Whether you own Ipod Touch or Iphone I will give you the website I use to download videos wallpapers pictures and music ringtones(TrueTones,Polyphonics etc).

Go to this website register with the site which takes only 20 seconds to do so.

Once you done that it's up to you what you want to download and yes all stuff you see there is free.

To get your downloaded music videos and wallpapers transfered to your ipod touch, simply open your iTunes on your pc and the rest I'll assume you know how to do it.

If not please leave a comment and I will explain step by step.


Kwan Juk said...

Thanks for the site! After I download a music video and placed it in I tunes, I couldn't drag it to my ipod touch because the file is not playable. maybe I have to convert it first?

Kwan Juk said...

but after I have downloaded the music video and placed it in Itunes. I counter a problem which is I could not put the file in my ipod touch..saying the file couldn't played in this ipod touch'

do you have tips?

ipod touch tricks said...

You have to convert videos, I wrote about converting as well. Look on this blog.

About the music it has to be mp3, dont download wav etc