Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ipod Touch User Manuals And Quick Guide

When I got my Ipod touch 16gb I was very furstuated because it did not really contain any user manual.

It's not like I needed it because most of the part is very common sense. But I must say that even if you buy a toaster you get user manual on how to use it.

So if you ware searching for ipod touch user manual and quick guide here you can download it in pdf file. For readers that don't know what pdf file is: go to simply download adobe reader if you don't have it on your pc and then:

Download Ipod Touch Manual:
Ipod Touch Manual

Download Ipod Touch Quick Guide:
Ipod Touch Quick Guide


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, had mines acouple of days and have been looking for a pdf version!

TBC said...

Apple was trying to save trees and only released a digtal copy of the manual.

Anonymous said...

yeah. and you need another manual to be able to retrieve and read the digital copy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I managed to do quite a bit without the whole manual ~ good for a grandma of 5! Just great to have something to read so I can fully utilize my new toy!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Bump