Friday, October 5, 2007

Convert Videos for Ipod Touch - Video Converter

You got some videos on your pc and would like to convert
it for your ipod touch but don't know how?

Easy said, there is many software you can use, some are for free
and some of them are not.
I will give you two softwares that I tested my self, and one of them is free
and the other cost $29.

Free Software:

Videora - Videora for Ipod touch is cool software to convert your ipod touch videos.
It has many features but the only thing I did not like is converting time.

Takes about 2 hours to convert whole movie(700mb).
The quality is ok and everything but imagine having 10 movies to convert?
That will take you about 20 hours to convert all 10 of them, and that is if you have good laptop, mine is brand new.

Shareware Software:

Winavi - Winavi is one of the best video and music converters and I know from my own experience.
To convert 700mb movie took me only 12 minutes unlike videora 2 hours!.

Has a lot of other features like cd dvd burner and other tools.
What I like the most, you can preview the converversion video so you know exactly what you are going to see on your ipod touch.
Get your free trial, and if you like it buy it for $29.

I must say that at the beginning when I wanted to burn my first video I had some problems, the software crashed all the time, so what I did.
I turned off video preview and it works fine now. Only way to fix that is to download newest version of quicktime and then you can preview video as well.


Anonymous said...

Here's a trick you might want to ad:

Go to the hold screen. Double-tap the home button to bring up the music control. Hold your finger on the circular volume thing on the slider. Make sure not to move it or to remove your finger. After a while the music control will go away and the icon on the iPhone used to show you the volume will appear.

Not sure if this was intentional, but it's quite fun!

iPod Touch Tricks said...

Yes These Are The Ipod Controlers, but as you can see first comment from anonymous stated that it is possibility to change that.

Anonymous said...

any thoughts about the Movavi converter?

DriedBigNugget said...

iSquint is useful too.

Me said...

Videora works great, takes about 9 minutes to convert a full length movie (700mb) all depending on your computer...

Anonymous said...

Is there a mac version? If not, anybody know something thats free or with a serial number that I could use on my mac? Thanks!

Carina said...

As I know, handbrake is can get it here
And I use one called Aimersoft dvd converter suite for mac, it works really nice, here is its official site:
Hope it helps

gdog8511 said...

I found one called Free Video To Ipod Converter that works really well too between 10-15 minutes for a full video. Can't remember where I dl'd it from but google it and it should pop up.

Anonymous said...

Winavi would be perfect if they didnt put that annoying text on every video trying to get you to buy their product, just fucking make it for free for fuck sakes.

Anonymous said...

If you read the terms of agrgreement on videora you will find that you are agreeing to share information with "candy" something or other, this is never a smart thing to do, these companies never design applications for free. I will find another app, thank you.