Thursday, October 11, 2007

iPod Touch Applications Tricks and Hacks

As of today apple released iPhone Apps some web apps like facebook for example.

I have not heard as of yet that iPod Touch will have similar features, but I bet you in about a month there will be a lot more to it.

If you look at the iPod Touch screen you can obviously see there is place for many other apps on home page(what i called it)

Now if they really did not attend to make such apps they could spread out the apps across the screen right? I don't think they would make it same as iPhone screen (just because)

I have seen ipod Touch hacks development in process, there is development team that are in process to hack ipod touch and see what other tricks can be done to it.

Is it worth hacking your iPod touch?

I wouldn't recommend because sooner or later apple will release some firmware(software) update and your ipod touch could get locked.

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