Friday, December 14, 2007

Ipod Touch WebApps -Games

Now and then I will check apple for updates and today I found page about Webapps and Games for Ipod Touch.

I tried couple of their games, they all work just fine.

Here is the RSS feed that you can get updated on new games:

And here you can see all the web applications (games) from apple:

Don't forget that around february Apple is going to release new firmware so we can "install" web apps on our ipod touch, so if you are still thinking to do JailBreak on your Ipod Touch, please hold on for 2 more months.


Anonymous said...

On the website it almost sounds like you could already download these. I just got my 'Touch' on Wednesday, so I was messing around with it and the apps last night.

Is the easiest/only way to do them now to bookmark them?

Ipod Touch Tricks said...

@Big Head: Yes that is the only way to do that for right now untill february :)

Anonymous said...

Is there any way other than deleting the album entirely and reinstalling it on your i-touch to update the album info. I've had problems in collecting the information for music that was previously on my computer before I put iTunes on. For example, it shows no info on "Versus" by Pearl Jam. I loaded the songs on to my iTouch, and fixed the error so iTunes would read it as "Vs.". It now had the info (album cover art displayed), but it wouldn't sync with my iTouch.

iPodder said...

hey uhh why do you say in your article to wait 2 months?
you may as well jailbreak it for that 2 months then when the update comes out you can just restore it and get the update. And using the jailbreak method would probably be better than was apple will bring us. You can customize anything in jailbreak, ANYTHING! but do you really think apple will allow us to do so with their update?

casper said...

by the new firmware do you mean the one apple has just released? Or does it still have to be released? Will you be able to use these webapps offline or is it only possible with a connection... Because that would be kinda useless, i just hope apple cpmes up with a jailbreak firmwire.

MmmTastyMeal said...

few things: this post is out of date.

Apple has released the official iphone/ipod touch SDK (software development kit)but any apps(not webapps, native apps)wont be availiable till June, when you can buy/download them from the AppStore (a bit like your itunes on your ipod) which will come with the 1.2.0 iPhone/touch firmware.

You can add shotcuts to your springboard that link to websites and webapps since the 1.1.3 January software upgrade, which installed the iPhone apps on your ipod touch.

It is good to Jailbreak, as it cannot harm your iPod touch (it can harm iPhone but that's a different story), and all the apps are free, which I don't think applies to the AppStore that's coming out in June.

Anonymous said...

what does the new 1.2.0 have added and when in june will it be out?