Monday, December 10, 2007

Online Email For Ipod Touch and Iphone

Have you ever had problems receiving sending emails from your Ipod Touch? Those days are now over! With momail you can access gmail hotmail or yahoo very easy.

I tried momail and its far best online email website for Ipod Touch! I accessed my Gmail account very easily and I had no problems sending or receiving emails.

I wish I could attach pictures and videos to email but I guess will all have to wait till that day comes by.


haraldson said...

what do you mean you cannot attach pictures or video to your email, that is standard functionality of most phones - and Momail does that for me?

Anonymous said...

hey just wanted to recommend a site i just found..
it searches all the main video sites for movies and automatically converts them to the right format to watch on your itouch.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

I've read the postings above . Endless problems.
Where the hell do I get the WEP Key?? I fogotten mine..Anyway I can retrieve them?? Help!!

Renold said...

I have an Ipod touch and im connected to Wi-Fi and my network is linksys and they said type in password but i fotgot it