Friday, December 25, 2009

Wi-Fi "Safari cannot connect to internet" Error on iPod Touch

Well you might got iPod Touch for Christmas and get "Safari cannot connect to internet" error due to Wi-Fi connection. As new iPod Touch user there are certain things you can do to solve that problem.

I wrote few posts on this blog about it because I know how furstrating it is to have cool gadget and you can't even go on internet with it, right?

Well here are posts that might help you resolve iPod Touch connectivity issue:

iPod Touch Wi-Fi (Part 1)

iPod Touch Wi-Fi (Part 2)

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Anonymous said...

My touch wouldn't connect to my wifi. I tried all the fixes I could find on the internet. My touch could see my network, and had the password corect, but still wouldn't connect. After two days of working with it I simply turned off my router. Let it set off for a minute. Turned the router back on, and let it boot. After that everything was back to normal!