Monday, January 28, 2008

Free Ipod Touch Case (Ipod Touch Contest)

Ipod Touch Tricks Contest is coming closer and closer. Otterbox and Ipod Touch Tricks will give away 1 Ipod Touch Case for free.

OtterBox Ipod Touch Case (Armor):

Will protect your Ipod Touch from dust, dirt, drops & scratch it is also waterproof!!!

No this kind of case you can't get anywhere else OtterBox is the only one that provides this kind of protection for your Ipod Touch!!!

This Ipod Touch Case cost $49 and to be honest it's worth it! Yours FREE if you win!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I can really use this iPod Touch Case. I'm Trying to keep it looking New and such. This would help alot. If i won please Email me @

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hia! Ive been looking for an ipod touch for ages and this is the only one i want! I love my Ipod touch and would love this case!! Thankyou! If i get picked to win please E-Mail me at

Again thanks, and good luck to all the other contestants.

Farzad said...

Hi! What would better than to get a case that is worth $50 for free. I want to keep to keep my iPod clean because it is attracted to dust and dirt. I have 4 younger siblings and would not like them to get it and mess it up. Please e-mail me at Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I really need this case I have the new 4G with a 9 year old shitouse brother and a three tear old demon sister who threw my last iPod touch in the pool please email me @ if I win PLEAASSSEE!!!

Anonymous said...

I NEED THIS CASE!!!!!!!! 4 new iPods from water damage broken screens, screens even falling out.. I NEED THIS CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! email me at

Anonymous said...

Hey, I really want a case but my parents wont buy me one and I don't have the money :( This one looks really great. Email me at

Thank you