Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Win Free Ipod Touch Case Contest

As I promised Ipod Touch Tricks will hold Contest and Winner will get Ipod Touch Case from OtterBox called Armor! worth $50

OtterBox Ipod Touch Case is waterproof and protects your Ipod Touch from dust, dirt, scratches and more!

Ipod Touch Tricks Contest starts today Jan/30/2008 and will end on Feb/15/2008, Winner will be announced at that time too.

Here are the rules!

1. Design your OWN Ipod Touch Theme(Blogger) for Ipod Touch Tricks blog = 50 points
2. Draw or Design Ipod Touch Case (include picture in comments or send it to ilovetoargue at gmail dot com = 50 points

3. Write about this contest on your blog include (link to this post) and register at forum =50 points

4. Digg and StumbleUpon This Post, leave review on Digg and SU, leave comment on this post with your username from digg and stumbleupon = 40 points

5. Register at forum, comment on this post and leave your username from TC forum = 30 points

6. Subscribe to RSS Feeds and Email + comment on this post = 20 points

7. Comment on this post 10 points

I think that will be enough rules.


Winner with most points wins automatically! If we have multiple members with same amount of points, I will decide who will win this contest!

You CAN combine points together Example Rule1=50 points + Rule5=30 points = 80 points TOTAL

Wish you all good luck.


Brian said...

Completed rules 4 (bkrausz on both sites, StumbleUpon was acting kinda funky though), 6, and 7 (I'm posting here :-P)

Brian said...

Also just registered at, same username (bkrausz)

Bas said...

The 6 completed rules:

Rule 2 - I designed a iPod Touch Case myself, here's the URL:

Rule 3 - Here's my blog: with an article about your contest.

Rule 4 - I digged and stumbled this page with username 'Mosbus' (for both)

Rule 5 - I registered at TGforum with username 'Mosbus'

Rule 6 - I subsribed with my email adres and to RSS (with Firefox' Live)

Rule 7 - Well, here's my comment ;)

That's my iput. Greetz:
Bas (bassmedes at + username Mosbus

digitalstyle said...

your free ipod touch is just click away