Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ipod Touch Google Maps

You are lost and don't know what to do? Turn ON your Ipod Touch, find open wifi and go to Ipod Touch Maps.

(True story)Friend of mine called me yesterday,he said "I am lost" I asked him to go to Grapier and type the address he is at and where he wants to drive to.

He called me 30 minutes later and found the place he was looking for!

So my dear Ipod Touch'ers go to that site now and bookmark it, it could save you!

Here are some How To Instructions:

Drag the map around using two fingers!.

Zoom in and out using the buttons on the upper left.

Switch map type, or toggle traffic overlay using the menu on the upper right.

Go somewhere, get driving directions, or search for businesses using the menu on the lower left.

See all directions or local search results at once by scrolling down below the map after you've done a search.

1 comment:

Bas said...

Ór use your Google Maps application you should have downloaded. I got it now and it works much easier than http://maps.google.com/mobile or this web application.
Anyway, funny story :D