Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ipod Touch 1.1.3 Firmware is out! -Download

Everybody was asking when ipod touch firmware 1.1.3 will be out well today is the day. Download Ipod touch 1.1.3 firmware update from your iTunes.

Sorry for short post ! I am remodeling my house :) and busy as hell!

2 things not to forget!

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Ill follow up with an update today or tomorrow about ipod touch firmware

UPDATE (01/16/2008):

Here is quote from Revilo500 and his update on Ipod Touch Firmware 1.1.3

Ive downloaded the update:

-It adds mail, maps, notes, weather and stocks to your ipod touch.
-Google maps is improved, with hybrid and traffic functions.
-You can put bookmarks onto the customizable desktop.

Link for more info http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/whatsnew.html

For more updates on Firmware 1.1.3 please go to This Thread


Bantenz said...

Wow, it's so fast that apple release 1.1.3 for iPod touch. Mmh, the update is like the iPhone now. Have we got to pay for the update? Because I watched MAcworld Keynote a couple hours ago and it said that the update cost $20


Jimmy said...

The update and applications Jobs talked about are two different things. The update 1.1.3 is free but if you want to add the five applications you must pay 20 bucks.